In Memoriam Paul Sweezy, 1910-2004

News just in of the death last night of the great American socialist Paul Sweezy, longtime editor of the Monthly Review and author of The Theory of Capitalist Development (1942).

I’ll update this post to include links to online obits, as and when these appear.

UPDATE [1/3/2004]: Marc Mulholland has reproduced Sweezy’s entry from Robert Gorman’s Biographical Dictionary of Marxism.

UPDATE [2/3/2004]: The New York Times obit has appeared.

UPDATE [3/3/2004]: Big piece in yesterday’s Il Manifesto (in Italian, obviously; for the comedy babelfish — or whatever it calls itself these days — translation click here). Notice also the links on the left-hand side under Pag.12 to more Sweezy-themed material.

UPDATE [4/3/2004]: The Guardian’s obit is here.

UPDATE [7/3/2004]: Robert Pollin reminisces in Counterpunch. And there’s a piece in the LA Times, reproduced here.

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