No time to blog…

… but I’ll just say that Mike’s discussion of Hutton seems to me to be too generous to the government and that I’m far closer to feeling like an old-fashioned Guardianista today. D-Squared is, as usual, on the ball and giving no quarter.

But then, I’ll admit it: though I’ve downloaded and printed out a copy of the report, I haven’t read through it myself yet, and won’t have time until (at the earliest) the weekend. Still, it has to be said that I’m anticipating a report which will quickly join the great sequence of Denning and Widgery in the annals of implausible apologetics for the powers that be.

(I also think the entire BBC board of governors should resign, incidentally: they were catastrophically stupid in moving too fast to stand up for Gilligan – Today, etc., when they didn’t really know what they were talking about, and it’s far better that the catastrophe should fall on their own heads rather than, in the fullness of time, on the BBC as a whole.)

Also: Slavoj Zizek lectured in Oxford yesterday to start the new series of Amnesty Lectures. He said that to choose to follow The Rules is to administer a grave blow to the patriarchy, he thinks the real fundamentalists are the Amish (for whom he has a lot of time), and he’s very unhappy with a new product called Choco-Lax, or somesuch, which is, as you might expect, a chocolate bar which also doubles as a laxative.

He also said some things about and against contemporary human rights ideology, but they were more complex, and I don’t trust my memory of his lecture yesterday to reproduce the more serious parts of it accurately…

The ever-splendid Bhikhu Parekh lectures later this afternoon.

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