War upon the Monopolist!

Following on from the discussion at the usually estimable Harry’s Place and the generally ridiculous Thinker’s place (here and here) about William Morris and the Fabians following this piece in the Guardian by Sunder Katwala, I’ve published on this site an edition of William Morris’s 1893 lecture on “Communism”, edited by George Bernard Shaw and published by the Fabian Society in 1903 as Tract #113, based on scans from the 1907 reprint.

Note One: The main text of this lecture/pamphlet has appeared online before, rather attractively presented with Morris wallpaper designs in the margin; though Shaw’s useful introduction, I think, has not.

Note Two: This is the second VS-sponsored reproduction of Old Pamphlet Literature, joining the still-excellent wartime PEP-job “Are Refugees An Asset?” — the answer is Yes — which is still recommended.

Note Three: There really should be more early Fabian tracts than there are available on the web. (Curiously, it’s not something the Fabian Society itself seems to have been interested in doing through its own website, which is a shame.) I might stick a few more up next time I have a bit of spare time. Which won’t be for a while, since it’s now the start of term…

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