End of term administrivia…

… is getting in the way of postings of any substance here.

But for people who want to take their minds off the details of the German penis-eating cannibalism case without leaving the general field of distasteful sex, here are three links to (i) Michael Jackson at Amazon.com, (ii) the sexually-transmitted infections you’re likely to pick up over the festive season and, (iii) um, “Dick” Gephardt (allegedly).

Via Nick Barlow, Green Fairy and Stephen Pollard respectively.

UPDATE: We all have to do our bit: click here for Dan Savage’s brand-new all Santorum all the time website, which was officially launched today!

UPDATE [6.12.2003]: Amazon have cottoned on to what’s been going on over at the Michael Jackson page, but Nick Barlow helpfully copied the page here for posterity. Good man.

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