… for the lack of activity over here in the last week or so: I’ve been too busy over the last week or so (i) taking a Gaggia coffee machine repeatedly to bits with a colleague, (ii) interviewing university applicants and (iii) proof-reading. And being comprehensively routed on the streets of London on Monday, of course [see below]. All there’s time to do now is to record my opinion that this man is unelectable.

Self-parody alert!

The headlines from yesterday’s Daily Mail about the rugby parade on Monday were excellent: “HEROES“, said the front page, advertising a “Glorious 8-Page Souvenir Picture Pullout”. The news article on page two boasted that there were “Nearly a million on the streets – and not one arrest”. And, best of all, on the opinion page, we had this: “On the day the politically-correct haters of our history and identity were routed… PATRIOTIC AND PROUD OF IT”, introducing an article by, god help us, Neil Lyndon.Too busy to post much this week, I’m afraid. Being routed so comprehensively takes up a lot of time.

End of term administrivia…

… is getting in the way of postings of any substance here.

But for people who want to take their minds off the details of the German penis-eating cannibalism case without leaving the general field of distasteful sex, here are three links to (i) Michael Jackson at Amazon.com, (ii) the sexually-transmitted infections you’re likely to pick up over the festive season and, (iii) um, “Dick” Gephardt (allegedly).

Via Nick Barlow, Green Fairy and Stephen Pollard respectively.

UPDATE: We all have to do our bit: click here for Dan Savage’s brand-new all Santorum all the time website, which was officially launched today!

UPDATE [6.12.2003]: Amazon have cottoned on to what’s been going on over at the Michael Jackson page, but Nick Barlow helpfully copied the page here for posterity. Good man.