Hang the Rich from Lamp-posts / But don’t hang me

While on the subject of politicians’ verse (see below, and the comments board for my poetic opinions about Mr Marsden), and political verse more generally (over at Harry’s Place), I thought I’d post this fine song, which has not, I think, appeared anywhere in cyberspace. It’s sung to the tune of “Keep the Home Fires Burning“, and the fourth line in particular is quite moving.

Put the thing through quickly,
Wage the class war slickly,
Hang the rich from lampposts
But don’t hang me…
Stick to Marx, my hearty,
Damn the Labour Party!
Keep the hellfires burning
For the bourgeoisie.

Someone once told me that it was first sung many years ago during a rent dispute at Ruskin College, though I don’t know whether that’s really true or not.

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  1. The version I have is:

    Hang the Labour Party
    Hang the Tory Party
    Hang the rich from the lampposts high
    But don’t hang me
    Stick to Marx my hearties
    Damn the other parties
    Keep the hellfires burning
    For the bourgeoisie!

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