Dead Socialists

The commemoration of Leonid Brezhnev below completes a year’s worth of Dead Socialists. I started commemorating Dead Socialists on 17 November 2002 with Robert Owen, and since there’s no-one in my notebook between 10 and 17 November, that’s it for the year.

Which raises the question of where to go from here. I’ve still got 58 in my notebook who are As Yet Uncommemorated (either because I added them after their anniversary had come around, or because I wasn’t blogging that day, or because — less frequently — I had a “Do I Really Want to Commemorate This One After All?” moment). And it’ll be easy to accumulate more to the basic list, since I didn’t trawl terribly deeply in Socialist History when I began this project (actually, that’s much too grand a word for what basically involves keeping a list and occasionally checking facts on reputable-looking websites and in standard reference works). And Living Socialists are Dying all the time, of course, which is a shame from one point of view, but it does help to swell the ranks from the point of view of a viable Dead Socialists Watch.

So this popular feature will certainly continue. The question is: would readers like to see last year’s Dead Socialists cycle round again, until every day of the year has its own Dead Socialist (repeat entries might just consist of a link to their original entry in the DSW, perhaps with added information if I can come up with anything appropriate, interesting or entertaining), or should I only commemorate Dead Socialists once, and press on with New Dead Socialists until I either run out or end up scraping the bottom of the barrel to the extent that it really doesn’t seem worth it anymore?

I can see the attractions of either approach, but I’d like to know what you think: feedback either in Comments or through private email, please.

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