I’ve just deleted the post I published at 4.43pm yesterday afternoon, and then updated around twenty minutes later. I wrote it while I was feeling quite angry towards Paul “The Thinker” Richards, because I had noticed both that he had taken down the parts of his earlier post to which I (and others) had objected, and that he had not posted any admission that he had done so (despite having denounced the practice of “stealth-editing” on his blog shortly before that).

Very shortly after my post appeared, so too did his acknowledgment of his having altered the page — and while the update to my post referred to this acknowledgment, I think that, on balance, I should have retracted more of the strong language which I used in the original post of 4.43pm. I’m retracting it now, and I’m sorry if it has caused any offence. It’s not language which I want to use of anyone else in the blogging community, however much I disagree with them, and I’m going to apologise to Paul “The Thinker” Richards for using it by copying this message to his email account (if I can find out what it is).

The posts of 2.26pm yesterday and 2.11pm today (the language of which I am also toning down a little — but only a little) articulate my more settled opinions on this matter far more clearly and temperately.

I’m hoping now that since I have calmed down enough to apologise to Paul for what I’ve called him on this blog (and I’ll tell him what I called him if he doesn’t already know), he’ll also offer the apologies for his behaviour which I (and others) think are already overdue.

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