The Sunday Times published some stupid article the other day about how hip and trendy it was these days to be a young Conservative. I’m not going to link to it, partly because I have despised the Sunday Times ever since the days of Andrew Neil/Carmen Proetta, partly because I don’t think it gives free access to overseas readers, and partly because I think the articles only hang around for free access to UK readers for a short while. (These last two beliefs may be false; I don’t care). But I saw this piece mentioned over at Harry’s Place, where it has prompted some discussion.

The best intervention, however, has come from Matthew Turner, who rather punctures the claim that the Conservatives are the Party of Youth (how I dislike that word) by listing the products that are being advertised in the current edition of the Tories’ own magazine for loyal members, Heartland:

Retirement investment advice
Vitamins ‘for a healthy lifespan’
Savile Row shirts
Medical insurance for the over 50s
Retirement homes on the South coast
Leg ‘relaxa-stool’ supporter
Margaret Thatcher books
‘Back-care’ chairs
‘Easy-bather’ bath aid
Pensioner’s hearing aid
Branded ‘comfort stretch’ trousers
Reproduction antique gramophone

In 1994 Whiteley, Seyd and Richardson reported in their book, True Blues that the average age of Tory party members was 62. Do we have any more recent information than that?

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