Diana and Dodi

I mentioned Rene Delorm’s excellent book, Diana and Dodi: A Love Story, the other day. I’ve now got it in front of me, so here’s a representative passage:

At about half past ten, as the two of them sat on the couch sipping their pre-dinner champagne, Dodi signalled me.”I think we have the soundtrack of The English Patient“, he said. “The Princess would like to listen to it”.

I slid the CD into place, pushed the button and the hauntingly beautiful music began to swell, spilling over the decks of the Jonikal and surrounding two people who were rapidly falling in love. Looking out at the pair of them I felt that all was right with the world.

At that untimely moment, the telephone rang and I had to tell Dodi, “Sir, you have a phone call.” While he took the call inside, I stayed close to the Princess.

“Rene, have you seen The English Patient?” she asked.

“Yes, Madame, I saw it twice. It was a wonderful film, but I never noticed how beautiful the music was.”

“Well, that’s probably because the story is so beautiful and the music is in harmony with the images”, she said. “You get totally absorbed in the film, hearing but not noticing the music.”

She put her feet up on the nearest chair and was reclining almost horizontally as she sipped her champagne and waited for Dodi. Seeing that she was enjoying the music, I quietly retreated, and after a few minutes Dodi returned to her side… [p.75]

I may post some more of this fine book if I get bored over the next few days. It’s good stuff.

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