Tim and Ed

I saw Tim Collins on telly last night and recognised him. My diligence is paying off.

But — and this is the point of this blogpost — I also saw Ed Vaizey on the same programme. And since he was hymning the virtues of Michael Howard, I was reminded of what he wrote about him a little over two years ago in the Guardian.

He said then that while Michael Howard has “never been loved by the public”, “he is someone the public instinctively turns to when it wants genuine action…” This rather alarmed me — for, as I asked at the time — do you turn to Michael Howard when you want some, um, “genuine action”?

And today it struck me that maybe Ann Widdecombe‘s famous remark about there being “something of the night” about Mr. Howard has been systematically misunderstood…

OK, I’ll stop there. It’s too unpleasant to contemplate.

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