Blowing Things Up

The Rugby World Cup is getting explosive…

“I [= Springboks coach Rudi Straeuli] will be clearing a lot of issues with the referee on Friday. The maul is one of England’s powerful weapons: if Neil Back is bound, the maul is legal; if he is not – and this is something he does with Leicester as well as England – he is breaking the regulations and should be blown up.” Jacques Brunel, France’s forwards coach, agreed and then took the opportunity to condemn England’s tactics in the lineout on the opposition throw. “They only pretend to contest the ball,” he said. “They put their arms around the opponent’s jumper while he is coming down to stop him from releasing the ball. At the same time another of their players goes through and round the lineout with his arms in the air to say, ‘sorry ref, mistake’, but he is actually slowing down their opposition’s support players and should be blown up.

From today’s Guardian.

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