Crucifixes in the Classroom

My friend Naunihal Singh is off to teach political science at Notre Dame in the New Year. Here’s an extract from the “Classroom Questions & Answers” document he’s been sent by his new employer [via Ishbadiddle]:

Q. What if the lights are not working and/or burned out?
A. Call Building Services – 1-5615

Q. What if I need chalk or erasers?
A. Each building housekeeper has a supply or you can call Building Services – 1-5615

Q. What if the heat/air conditioning is not working?
A. Call Facilities Operations – 1-7701

Q. What if there is no Crucifix in the classroom?
A. Please call Academic Space Management – 1-5773 and we will replace it.

Q. What if there is no clock in my classroom?
A. The University stopped putting clocks into classrooms in the early 90’s due to theft.

Culture shock starts early.

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