Poetry Corner

E. J. Thribb rises to the occasion, in this week’s Private Eye:

Im Memoriam

So. Farewell
Johnny Cash.

Famous country

Yes, you were
Known as the
Man In Black.

Were I to
Attend your
I too would
Be the Man
In Black.

But Tennessee is
A long way
From Tooting.

And Ryan Air
Do not
Fly there.

E. J. Thribb (aged 17 1/2)

PS. Apologies to
Leni Riefenstahl

For not writing a
Or a Thribbody
As they are known
On the occasion
Of her death.

“The Woman In Black

Yes, that would have
Been a good title.

Or perhaps I
Should have used
It for Lady
Diana Mosley.

The same copy also reports that the verb “to hoon” means, according to the Urban Online Dictionary, “to act in an unacceptable way”.

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