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  1. The UK has never had a problem with people having dual citizenship. So I won\’t have to throw away my UK passport — tempting though it is — when I qualify to become an Irishman next year…

  2. Speaking as a Dual-passported Irishman and Brit, I\’m shocked and appaled to see that you know the date of the Queen\’s Birthday! 9 out of 10 is the only honourable score! 🙂


  3. I didn’t know the answer, but it was obvious through a process of elimination: it wasn’t going to be the June date, because then there wouldn’t be a reason to have an “official” birthday. And it wasn’t going to be the same day as St George’s Day, because in that case journalists and royalists would be doing their best to ram this fact down our throats for all of our lives, and they haven’t been doing that. So it had to be the other choice.

    As I said, Martin, I’m ashamed to get all ten right… The most honourable score would be far lower!

  4. It’s very clever actually. Once the word gets out in rural China that if you come to Britain they make you listen to enough Westlife to answer questions about it, there will be no more immigration, ever.

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