August Update

I haven’t done one of these for a while: here’s an August update on some of the words people are searching for when they stumble across the Virtual Stoa. Some were lucky, others not.

sex toy
gay strip club
what is the significance of a giraffe
gattopardo definition
michael hardt wife
john rawls image
patchen markell recognition
oil tanker verdi
pouvoir symbolique
Lampedusa’s the Leopard essay
dsquared fashion
gay orgies

“Oil tanker Verdi” is the most intriguing entry this time around. The person looking for the significance of the giraffe was, I hope, satisfied by what she or he found. And it’s good to see interest in Il Gattopardo holding up in cyberspace. A handful of brand new prints of Visconti’s film are doing the rounds of the nation’s cinemas right now, and I saw it again last night, probably for the first time in a decade. It is still quite magnificent — even if, as I’ve observed before, “ocelot” is a better translation than the more conventional “leopard”. It’s probably time to reread the novel, too.

UPDATE [23.8.2003]: Actually, Perhaps it should be “the serval”, since I dare say a Sicilian aristocratic family is pretty unlikely to have an ocelot (“gattopardo americano”) as part of its iconography. Hmm.

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