More May Day…

And, still on the subject of May Day, Patchen told me this time two years ago about the very odd May Day commemoration on the University of Chicago’s campus. He wrote [1.5.2201]:

In front of our building [Pick Hall: which used to house the Economics Department] is a lovely abstract sculpture which, at precisely noon on May 1st each year, casts the shadow of a hammer and sickle on the ground in front of the building. As if that weren’t enough, large crowds of students — including anti-communist demonstrators carrying full-sized American flags — gather at noon at the sculpture, to protest its shadow, I suppose.

This is one counter-revolutionary May Day celebration. I think that the Morris Dancers here in Oxford may be another.

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  1. This year I had the pleasure of teaching “On the Jewish Question” on May Day; when I returned from class I saw only a few students near the statue — probably because it’s overcast, and there’s no shadow. Which, unless I’m confusing my folklore, means we’re facing three more decades of capitalism.

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