Following the recommendation of other bloggers (Kieran Healy, Junius, Matthew Yglesias), I’ve just taken, and enjoyed, the Battleground God test, receiving one direct hit and biting one bullet along the way. It’s excellent, a lot more sophisticated than the usual e-quiz, and provides good stuff to think about. It’s also fun.

As a baptised member of the Church of England, I’m not really religious (I’m not terribly philosophichal, either, as my colleagues in Philosophy know: greetings, Martin, Mary and Olly), but I do have an Inner Jansenist, and the quiz rebelled against the two answers my IJ prompted me to give, sticking up for divine omnipotence (even at the cost of philosophical absurdity: God can make 1+1=72) and thinking that belief in God is justifiable even when it is not based on the kinds of things which are needed to justify beliefs about the external world. So I’m not entirely happy with the results it has spat back at me, even though the quiz has given me its second-highest award, which is clearly a good thing to have.

I’m not unhappy having a bit of an Inner Jansenist, though it can be slightly alarming at times. I know other people who report an Inner Bearded Trade Unionist and an Inner Tory, and I think these are probably far more disturbing over the long run.

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