In an idle moment, I’ve just installed the French Revolutionary Calendar on this page, since I like it so much. My friend Steve engineered it a few years ago for The Voice of the Turtle, and it’s still keeping excellent time over there.

The European Union wants us to switch over to the French Revolutionary Metric System — “The centuries old dream of the masses of only one just measure has come true! The Revolution has given the people the metre!”, etc. — but keep the old-fashioned Gregorian Calendar. I tend to think this gets things back to front, and the combination of the French Republican Calendar and old English imperial measures (restoring the 16oz pint, if need be, as long as bar prices come down in proportion) is far more satisfying.

Another good calendar is the Aztec Calendar, but while it has better glyphs and a good webite, it isn’t so inspiring for anti-monarchists everywhere.

And, thinking of Aztecs, the wonderful exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in London is only on for a few more days — it closes 11 April — so if you haven’t been yet, do make the trip. It’s really very good indeed.

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