For two days in a row now, the Today programme on BBC Radio 4 seems to be dominated by stories of helicopter crashes which have killed quite a few people. The lengthy discussions of these incidents (about which there is, in fact, very little to say) annoy me, insofar as they tend to strengthen the impression that the major problems facing the US / UK troops are equipment failures of various kinds. I’m not sure that this is the case.

More interesting stories found online this morning include:

  • A document purporting to be the BBC’s War Reporting Editorial Guidelines (via IndyMedia UK).
  • Reports of the US use of napalm on Safwan Hill (in the Sydney Morning Herald).
  • The resignation of a UK government senior legal adviser (in the Guardian).
  • Robert Fisk’s report of last night’s attacks on Baghdad (in the Independent).
  • Ominous BBC reports of Turkish troops entering Northern Iraq.
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