March Update

Peering into the archives for the odd search strings which bring people to the shores of the Stoa…

josip broz car auction
domus aurea esquiline
anecdote about Kim Jong Il
daily mail mosley
bob marshall andrews [a few of these]
“ari fleischer” satan
Ashcroft singing
essay on the leopard by visconti
Ben M’hidi Battle of Algiers
italian word for troll
historian Christopher Hill
J. K. Rowling address
read my lips George Bush Tony Blair
iraq german students against the war
coordinated readings Aristophanes Lysistrata
Woyzeck mpeg
sealions war against terror

and, of course,

free zoo sex clip archive

So, all in all, a bit more highbrow than usual. It’s the first one which puzzles me the most. And I really don’t think the US military should be sending sealions into combat.

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