Sports Round-Up

I thought that my excellent friend and comrade Martin O’Neill was having a good day, as he beavers away on the metaphysics of egalitarian justice, or whatever it is that he does these days.

  • Ireland beat France 15-12 in a closely-fought Six Nations international.
  • Celtic beat Rangers 1-0 in the Scottish Premier League.
  • Arsenal were 2-1 up against Chelsea in the FA Cup, with a splendid goal from Thierry Henry just before half time.
  • [If he cares about any other sports teams, I’m not sure I know about it. Actually, I don’t know that he cares about the rugby, but he tends to like Ireland doing well at things, so I’m making an intelligent guess].And on top of all this, he tells me, it’s his birthday.

    But then Chelsea equalised a few minutes from the end and forced a replay.

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