Lots of people are linking to it, and Kieran Healy’s presentation is the best of the lot, but the egregious Department of Homeland Security’s pictograms are just great.

[Incidentally, Kieran Healy is writing about all the right things at the moment, since he also has also taken to discussing the Big Red Book, aka G. E. M. de Ste Croix’s The Class Struggle in the Ancient Greek World].

While on the subject of barking Americans barking, though, Raj points me towards this page, which has a clip of John Ashcroft singing “Let the Eagles Soar”, his own composition written some time after 9/11, although I can’t quite work out how to configure my browser to get it to play properly. All of which will remind the people who like this kind of thing — and we are legion — of the heroic career of Senator Orrin Hatch, songman.

So why don’t right-wing British politicians write songs like these? We’re missing out.

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