Dead Socialist Watch, #18

Over the past few days both Tom and Raj have sent me the link for the Iraq war game thingy, but I think I’m more entranced by Papal Bowling, from the same site.

UPDATE [22.2.2003]: I’m slipping this one in as an addendum to Wednesday’s entry, since I forgot to commemorate one of my favourite Dead Socialists: Georg Büchner.

As the Dictionary of the Turtle explains:

The German dramatist Georg Büchner (1813-1837) is remembered today chiefly on account of his excellent plays. Danton’s Death (1835) was an impressive debut; Woyzeck (1837) an absolutely astonishing tragedy, and the first with a proletarian protagonist. Yet when he died at an absurdly young age, he was mourned by his contemporaries as an expert on the anatomy of the barbel fish, on which he had completed a scientific dissertation. Drama and Fish Science were not his only talents: Büchner was also a member of the radical Society of the Rights of Man, and the author of stirring tracts. The Big Soviet Encyclopaedia (third edition, English version, v.4 p.132) draws attention to his role in propagating the slogan “Peace to the huts, war on the palaces” in Germany. He also wrote a comedy, Leonce and Lena (published 1839), but it is not funny.

In Memoriam Georg Büchner, born 17 October 1813, died 19 February 1837.

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