Mr Blair Wants To Read Your Essays

As the demonstrations at the weekend promise to be vast…

SEND YOUR ESSAYS TO BLAIR!Here is an inspired action being co-ordinated by our friends at Cambridge Students Against the War:

5 minute student action:

Oppose the war? Then email your essays to Tony Blair! (and forward this email)

It came to light on Thursday that the government is relying on plagiarised post-graduate essays to bolster its case for war on Iraq. Its “dossier” entitled “Iraq – its infrastructure of concealment, deception and intimidation”, was posted on the Number 10 website and hailed by Colin Powell in his presentation to the United Nations on Wednesday. It claimed to be based on up-to-date intelligence – but turned out to have been nicked, typos and all, from 3 out-of-date sources, including an essay by a graduate student in California.

We’re obviously very excited that students’ academic endeavours are being taken so seriously, and think it’s time for students to act to ensure that war plans continue to be “intelligence led”.

So, why not send Tony Blair some of your essays?

Tony Blair posted an essay by Ibrahim al-Marashi, a student in Monterey, California, up on his web site. Maybe he’ll do the same for yours! Why not email the web master, and attach some of your best scholarly efforts. Don’t worry too much about the relevance of the subject – Tony and his skilled advisers are on hand to subtly distort your words to suit their war agenda. So, whether it’s Proust or particle analysis, Geography or History, attach a copy of your essay and send it to Number 10!

Here’s what we suggest you do:

* email your essays as attachments, to, as soon as possible and definitely by next Tuesday, explaining why you are sending it.

* or even better post your essays to ’10 Downing Street, London SW1′ with a covering letter (we’ve copied one below, and it’s online here) in an envelope titled ‘Warning: Top Secret’.

* email us here telling us you’ve done it, so we can let the press know what’s happening (please don’t send us your essays though – we don’t want them!)

Excellent idea. Via the Oxford Students Stop The War list.

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