Dead Socialist Watch, #17

A double-header today, since we commemorate the felt absences of “Red” Ellen Wilkinson (died 6.2.1947), who, among other things, brought about the free school milk which Mrs Thatcher so famously abolished; and Hanns Eisler (died 6.2.1962), who, among other things, once upon a time set the immortal Magnitogorsk Ballad of the Komsomols to music…

Ural, ural
The town by the magnetic mountain
Here lies a lot of steel.
The Party says,
“Give us steel!”
The Komsomols answer,
“In the time planned,
We will give you steel!”

Perhaps it loses something in translation. Or perhaps not.UPDATE [6.2.2005]: Actually, I’m not sure Eisler should be today at all. I think he died in September… Whoops.

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