February update

What’s going on in the collective cyberconsciousness? Once again, the monthly round-up of Virtual Stoa Search Strings:

small lightweight megaphone
lord Rothermere fascists
hindi incest sites
sinai desert nude photo
sealions war iraq
Dobby Vladimir Putin [ad nauseam]
Keith Flett Beard Liberation Front
sandokan Italian lyric
J K Rowling’s address in Kensington
human right activist in saudi arabia mail contact address 2003
elephant sex
Up Down Across Elevators Escalators Moving Sidewalks
space shuttle jokes
a nation once again

Some of these are quite odd — possibly generating a little more frustration than usual in the archives.

Patchen writes [5.2.2003]: Isn’t it about time you bowed to the irrestible force of the market and actually posted the following link? I’m not sure how the elephant feels, but the gray-haired fellow seems to be enjoying himself.

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