Why I Like My Friends

I recently turned thirty. Throughout my twenties, I tended to ignore birthdays, to the best of my ability. But last week I had a 30th birthday party here in Oxford, and lots of friends came, and I enjoyed myself, and I didn’t get too drunk.

And the excellent presents which my excellent friends gave me, which are still making me happy, include an original (empty) jar of Plumtree’s Potted Meat — which will mean nothing to people who never became a little too obsessive about Ulysses, but something to people, like me, who did; a box of Lego bricks, which is altogether too complicated to explain here (though they are much more fiddly than I remember them from 20+ years ago); Gary Mulholland’s celebration of English pop music; and a copy of David Icke‘s recent book, Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster, which had to be specially imported from the USA…

I love you all: many thanks.

Update: [5.2.2003]: An excellent one to add to the pile: the CD of Chansons “Contre”, including the nineteenth-century classic by L�o Taxil, “La Marseillaise anti-cl�ricale”!

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