Eighth Deadly Sin?

Brad deLong is dumbfounded:

I must say that I had always thought that by the time I reached 40 I would have heard about or thought of every possible kind of sin. But the Catholic Archdiocese of Boston has proved me wrong. I had never thought of:

* “Reaching out” to the victims of sexual abuse by priests, telling them that the church cares about them, suggesting that they get therapy and counseling.

* Offering to pay for the therapy.

* Then subpoenaing the therapists, trying to break the confidentiality of the patient-therapist relationship, in the hope of learning something (a) that will weaken the victim’s case in court, or (b) that would be so embarrassing if it were revealed in court that the plaintiff can be induced to drop or cheaply settle his or her legal case.

I am dumbfounded. This is betrayal of a high order: Dante’s Inferno Tenth-Circle buried-in-ice-for eternity order. Moreover, this is something that I would never have thought of doing in ten-thousand years.

He’s commenting on this article, from the Boston Globe.

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