News from North Korea

There’s been a small amount of coverage in the US and UK media over the last few days of the press release put out by the North Korean News Agency condemning the new James Bond film (or “burlesque”) for being insufficiently polite about the great achievements of North Korean socialism, or somesuch.

It is a shame, however, that the Western media only pays attention to the official news from North Korea when James Bond films are involved. Already in December there have been any number of good stories which deserved a wider international airing, including Revolutionary sites visited by many people, Pyongyang Catfish farm commissioned, Slogan of Kirgyz party organ changed, or US urged to drop its brigandish logic (a variation on a theme, one suspects).

Most interestingly of all, “Chicken Farms Rebuilt on Modern Basis” was published on both 7 December and 12 December. And then every few days or so there is a story with the same headline, “Anecdote about Kim Jong Il” (try here, here and here).

I’ve always assumed that the reason why the site is hosted in Japan owes to the fact that the internet doesn’t yet reach North Korea – but I’d be happy to be corrected.

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