Flat Saga

The Cherie Blair – Peter Foster saga rumbles entertainingly on. Mark Steyn in yesterday’s Telegraph entertained:

Nude models, diet quacks, psychics: I cannot speak for Britain, but in North America these are three of the four categories of person that most of us spend the first 10 minutes of our day dumping from the in-box. If Cherie had a fourth confidante with a guaranteed plan to increase the length of Tony’s penis by three inches, the Blairs would have a full set: they could throw the perfect spam dinner party.

Amidst the nonsense, in which we can include the annoying rightist editorials which seem to pretend that this is another version of the US Whitewater affair, the important question is barely discussed (though Oxford’s excellent Ann Black touched on it yesterday): what are the Blairs doing buying property for their offspring to live in while they are at university?Ten years ago you could get a postcard from Public Domain postcards which had this soundbite on it:

‘Her digs… were unspeakable so we said “Sod it” and went and bought a house and put her in that and she was much happier’ — Sir George Young, Housing Minister, on how his daughter Sophia found a home.

And then, at the bottom of the card, there was a box to tick next to the words, “Please send me further details of the Conservative Party’s Housing Policy”.

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