Dead Situationist Watch, #6

Guy Debord, author of The Society of the Spectacle. Shot himself, 30 November 1994.

Chris adds [11.30.2002]: The excellent, anarchist Daily Bleed provides these useful Debord links:

1994 — Guy Debord dies, Champot, Upper Loire, France.Member of the Situationist International, writer, filmmaker, critic of Spectacular, Too-Late Capitalism, best known for his book The Society of the Spectacle, popularized with the May Uprising of 1968.

In the decor of the
spectacle, the eye meets only
things & their prices.
— graffiti, May 1968

In a society
where modern
conditions of
prevail, all of life
presents itself
as an immense
accumulation of

Everything that was directly
lived has moved away into a

We are all “undesirables”.

Then appeared for the first time the disquieting figures
of the “Situationist International”. How many are there?
Where do they come from? No one knows.

— Le Républicain Lorra

Nick writes [30.11.2002]: Not so, in my experience. I buy a new pair every couple of years, and that’s plenty to be getting on with. There’s no need for an “immense accumulation”, especially as my prescription changes (albeit slowly); also, the old specs are pretty grotty by the time I need to replace them.

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