Akademgorodok Stakhanovites

While I’m in sports mode, I’m delighted to report that the Akademgorodok Stakhanovites have been resurrected for the 2003 Fantasy Baseball season. Afficianados will remember that they first appeared in a sandbox.com tournament in 2000, where they were roundly beaten by, among others, the London Underground and the Bellevue Baristas. Next year they’ll be in a completely different competition, whose rules I barely understand, up against, among others, the Dalston Ground-Rule Doubles and the Docklands Hound Dawgs. They will lose, of course: ex-Soviet Fantasy Baseball franchises are still in a very bad way. (I’m always tempted to call a Fantasy Baseball team the Boston Red Brigades, but this time around I think I’m going to stick with the Stakhanovites).

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