Martin has been thinking about the Chinese:

Am I alone in finding a certain strange fascination in the ebb and flow of Chinese politics? I’ve just spent a happy half hour reading the biographies of the incoming and outgoing politburos (politbureaux?) on the BBC website.

For some reason, it’s unfeasibly fascinating. Firstly, they all have degrees in electrical engineering, for some reason. Then there’s the bizarre fact that many of these men seem to have spent vast swathes of time running ball-bearing factories in remote provinces, or seconded to Leipzig tractor factories. Phenomenal stuff? Or have I just lost it? The bit that really takes the biscuit, I think, is the fact that no-one seems to have the foggiest idea about the political views of Hu Jintao, or whether he holds any views at all.

Google says it’s “politburos“, which beats out “politbureaux” by a margin of 374 to one.

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