Michael Hardt’s Hair

The excellent SatireWire has, unfortunately, decided to stop publishing new content, so I have replaced it in the silliness section of the sidebar with the useful My Little Tony resource. What else should go there?

I’ve also rearranged the list of Other People’s Weblogs. One new entry is the D-Squared Digest, which charmed me today with its lengthy discussion of Michael “Hardt and Negri” Hardt’s hairstyle – a subject in which a number of regular readers of the Virtual Stoa will be interested.

Having seen Hardt speak at the APSA last month, I don’t think his hair is nearly as silly as D. suggests: there are pictures here, here and here, in case you want to formulate an opinion of your own.

P.S. The Hardt and Negri essays are now up at the Voice of the Turtle. I still have to contribute some words of my own, by way of an introduction, but it is good that they are now on the web, and not just somewhere on my hard drive. Nothing about Hardt’s hair, though, alas.

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