Over the last few days there has been even more nonsense in the British papers than usual, some of it entertaining. George Jones, writing in Monday’s Daily Telegraph, broke ranks by making a sensible observation:

… the emergence of the Currie diaries is a damaging blow for Iain Duncan Smith a little over a week before his party conference in Bournemouth. He has spent the past year trying to show that the Conservatives have learnt the lessons of the past and are concerned with issues such as public services and the vulnerable. Yet he and virtually all of his shadow cabinet are probably less well known to the average voter than either Mr Major or Mrs Currie.

The word “virtually” there is quite right — I would guess that Michael Howard is probably about as well known as Edwina Currie amongst the general public, but certainly none of the others — and Mrs Currie’s ministerial career ended almost fifteen years ago.

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