Balliol Wall

These deserve another outing: some of the highlights from the graffiti written on the walls of Balliol College, Oxford, in November 1968.

Christian Science is holy water with which the priest consecrates the heartburnings of the aristocrat. Marx.

Akamantophioia is a carnal sin.

Balliol wall is the people’s organ. Contributions welcome.

Tomorrow has been abolished owing to lack of interest.

These walls have a greater circulation than the Cherwell.

Berkeley saw Balliol as an idea in the mind of God. Help God to forget it.

Kropotkin is alive and rampant and living in Balliol – more than can be said for Balogh collaborator.

This space reserved for non-political graffiti and lectures in political orthography

Down with Marshallian marginalism!

Doctor the Proctors

Balliol is a bit like New College

Writing on walls is a Freudian masturbation substitute

This wall does not exist. It is a figment of your bourgeois imagination.

Remember Belshezzar!

Who the hell cares about the Pareto optimum?

Bring back the cod piece

Positivism out, dialectics in

Rehabilitate Trotsky!

What is the function of functionalism? Functioning

Join the society for the demolition of Balliol

Decompose natural products

Stop Ewart Jones messing about with polyacetylenes

Faithfully preserved by Russell Meiggs and published in the 1976 Balliol College Record.

Tom wrote [31.8.2002]: What? Interestingly, it’s a single-google, in that the only result here is your blog. I can only construe it as a rather lame gag hidden behind difficult spelling – or is there something much deeper hiding here?

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