Counting the Units

Booze is bad for you, or so the Government tries to tell us with its claims that men should only drink 21 “units” of booze a week, preferably fewer, and women 14.

But here are the rules which enable us all to live long and prosper in a happy oasis of our own self-deception…

We start with two traditional rules:

(1) Drinking at lunchtime doesn’t count.
(2) Doubles poured at home count as singles.

To which we can add:

(3) White wine doesn’t count, either.
(4) Nor does Guinness (since it’s good for you).

and Raj reports a new and, to my mind, excellent rule:

(5) “Desserts with excessive quantities of Marsala in them shouldn’t belong on the list either. It’s food after all.”

What else? (Dan – what are your rules?)

Jo wrote [22.8.2002]: Interestingly, Guinness is so good for you that it actually counts as negative points.

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