Nuntii Latini

As everybody knows, or ought to know, the Finnish World Service has for many years now broadcast a weekly news bulletin in Latin, Nuntii Latini. Part of the reason they do this, I think, is that they are well aware that there are more Latin-speakers around the world than Finnophones, if that is a word. A snippet in the Classical Association News tells me that this excellent service can be found on the web here. Here is its coverage of recent developments in Cuba:

Parlamentum Cubanum consensu omnium legem fundamentalem ita mutandam esse censuit, ut systema socialisticum in Cuba administranda semper servaretur et illud consultum irrevocabile esset. Hoc plebiscito sancito civibus persuasum est nihil iam impedire posse, quominus patria sua etiam post obitum praesidentis Fidel Castro et successoris eius designati Raul Castro socialistica maneat.

I shall stick a link on the sidebar, to encourage you all to visit again, and again, and again.

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