The Virtual Stoa

Apologies for absence… (ab)normal service will resume before too long…

The absence of the weblog stems from a variety of reasons: an excellent World Cup in June, which was vastly preferable to the Today Programme as Something To Wake Up To, and having a lot more work to do in the second half of term than in the first half (students taking exams, that kind of thing) being probably the two most important. General idleness shouldn’t be neglected, though. Never discount the significance of idleness as an explanation for why things (don’t) happen the way they shouldn’t.

But now the Weblog is back, and I’ve given it a cosmetic going-over, pretty much for the first time since it began. In particular, you will notice that I’ve revived The Virtual Stoa brandname, which has been dormant since the middle of 2000. People with longish memories will remember that the webpage I put up in my American incarnation was called the Virtual Stoa, for no better reason than that I was working on the Stoics and that the name entertained me;and since it still entertains me, it’s now going to be the name of the Weblog. Welcome (back) to the Virtual Stoa!

Nick wrote: Gosh! It’s changed!!

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