Happy birthday!

One year ago today I wrote the following words to kick off this weblog:

Welcome to the weblog! After a bit of fiddling with the code I think I’ve just about managed to make it work the way I want it to. Let’s see what happens now. (To see someone do this properly — and far better than I ever will — visit the excellent and thought-provoking bobblog.)

And here it still is, one year on.I worked out the other day that almost 60,000 words have been posted to this blog over the last twelve months, all available through the archives. That’s not a great deal by the standards of many weblogs out there, and many of them aren’t my words at all, but the words of people I’m reproducing in large chunks or the words of people who have usefully written in to contest or to supplement the opinions I’ve been offering in these columns. But it is still a pleasingly large number of words, and it’d be nice to think that the coming twelve months will produce a similar number. So — thanks to everyone who has clicked on the “comments” buttons below to send me their Objections and Replies, and apologies to all the hundreds of people who have visited this page over the previous year, and found that I’ve been scandalously slow to post anything new. More material will appear, I promise, eventually…

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