The silence of the weblog has not, however, coincided with any stilling of the voice of the turtle, which continues to be heard in the land.

Recent additions to the site include a smattering of poems (the silliest of which is here), three articles written around the dramatic events of the French Presidential elections, from Dan Gordon’s reportage from before the first round through to commentaries by Dave Renton and Peter Dwyer on the aftermath of the poll. Joe Bord has been sorting out the crisis in Britain’s public services with his thoughts on the railways and the NHS. Naima Bouteldja has an axe to grind with ATTAC; Mark Engler (who once sat in one of my Harvard classrooms, lucky man) has a report from the recent demonstrations in Washington, DC; and new material on the books pages includes James Thompson’s treatment of my Magdalen colleague Ewen Green’s book on Conservative political thought; John Lea’s enthusiasms for Istvan Meszaros’s Socialism or Barbarism and Leo Zeilig’s constructive critique of Patrick Bond’s Against Global Apartheid. And to complete our coverage of contemporary culture, Sean Jacobs has been to see Amandla! A Revolution in Four Part Harmony; Raj Patel has been fuming about Ali G; and J. Carter Wood has been listening to the new Billy Bragg record.

Excellent stuff, and there is more on the way.

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