Welcome back to the weblog

… and apologies for the unplanned three-week silence, which, not coincidentally, has coincided with the first three weeks of the new term. No amount of planning during the dying days of the vacation can ever really prepare me for the chaos of termtime, and weblog postings are among the first things to be affected. With luck, semiregular postings will now resume, and a small backlog of stuff will be appearing over the next few days.

Thanks to everyone for being patient. As one distraught reader of the weblog wrote, “There’s been nothing new for days! What am I supposed to do, write my dissertation?” Everything’s OK — you can stop now.

And do remember, the weblog is always happy to receive your comments, objections and replies. Feedback in (almost) any form is (almost always) wholly welcome, and it works to remind me that there is in fact a small group of people out there (ranging from parents in London through friends on several continents to undergraduates here in Oxford) who drop in from time to time to read the trivia I deposit here. When firing off comments into the void of cyberspace, it’s (almost, as I say) always nice to hear some kind of echo, and to enlarge the conversation.

Richard wrote [12.5.2002]: Well I missed it if no-one else did…

Katherine wrote [12.5.2002]: So happy to hear about the weblog, also good for those long afternoons staring at my screen…

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