Images of the Week, #11

Three images from the streets of Rome yesterday morning, during the first General Strike in twenty years, thanks to Jo, who has the nifty gadget which can turn her Palm Pilot into a digital camera from time to time.

Here I am, sideburns clearly visible, helping to carry the “Giovani Comunisti” banner, which needed a hand, somewhere above the Spanish Steps.

My very favourite slogan, draped from the balustrade of the Borghese Gardens above the Piazza del Popolo.

The presiding spirits of the Piazza del Popolo supervise the gathering throng.

Stewart wrote [18.4.2002]: It just struck me (no pun intended) that you bear an uncanny resemblance in that photo to Ray Manzarek, keyboard player from The Doors.

Chris adds [19.4.2002]: Best banner on the demonstration: Movimento Soap-Operaio.

Nick writes [20.4.2002]: I *obviously* don’t have enough to do. People will make posters and T-shirts from this, in years to come:

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