New Books!

As I observed last year: what’s the point in having a weblog if you don’t plug new books by friends and comrades? Three to recommend:

Leo Zeilig, ed., Marxism in Africa: Class Struggle across the Continent, New Clarion Press, 2002. Leo Zeilig’s new book of essays on politics in contemporary Africa contains valuable essays by — among others — Dave Renton and Anne Alexander on class struggle in Egypt, by Peter Dwyer on the crisis in South Africa and by Leo Zeilig on the Marxism and Eurocentrism in Africa. It should be a very good read, and I’m looking forward to getting a copy.

E. H. H. Green, Ideologies of Conservatism, Oxford University Press, 2002. The first chapter of E. H. H. Green’s second book revisits the terrain of his excellent The Crisis of Conservatism with a re-evaluation of the political career of Arthur Balfour, before heading off through the twentieth century to examine the twists and turns of Conservative political thought — with Arthur Steel-Maitland playing a surprisingly prominent role. Green’s assault on the notion of the “postwar consensus” continues, and he approaches dangerously close to the present for an historian with his penultimate chapter on the origins of Thatcherism. Excellent, exeedingly well-researched stuff.

Patrick Bond and Masimba Manyanya, Zimbabwe’s Plunge: Exhausted Nationalism, Neoliberalism and the Search for Social Justice, Natal University Press, 2002. From running an exemplary social policy in the post-independence 1980s through the years of IMF-induced Structural Adjustment to the disasters of the recent past, Bond and Manyana are excellent guides to the political economy of present-day Zimbabwe as the Mugabe regime lurches towards something not entirely dissimilar from fascism.

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