New material at The Voice of the Turtle this month includes David Bleakney’s attack on and Petie Petrovich’s defence of the recent behaviour of U2’s Bono (but see here for the final word on this controversy); Radha D’Souza’s thoughts on the problems of the Global Commons; Friederike Habermann’s two separate reports, one in English, the other in German, from the crisis in Argentina; the words of the blatantly pseudonymous “Zim Admin”, who writes from the crisis in Zimbabwe; Jonathan Wilson’s article on the changing world of football in the former Soviet Union; a report of Naima Bouteldja’s recent conversation with Susan George; as well as a new agreement with Freezerbox Magazine, which has led to a new home on our site for Michael Manville’s excellent article on the Drugs War in the USA. And there’s a German text of the Manifesto of the Communist Party posted on the site, together with the text of Ken Knabb’s new translation of Guy Debord’s Situationist Classic, The Society of the Spectacle, complete with hypertext index.

Richard wrote [12.3.2002]: 1: Voice of the Turtle t-shirts. You know you want one. 2: Laugh at this.

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