Good news!

NME (and everyone else) report that the Sex Pistols’ classic single God Save the Queen is going to be rereleased by Virgin Records on 27 May, just in time to top the charts for the Golden Jubilee on 3 June. It was probably always going to happen, but it is still very good news.

And, pleasingly, the BBC, reporting the news on Thursday, still refuse to admit that it went to number one last time around:

“In 1977 many radio stations were banned from playing the record but that did not stop the song officially reaching number two in the pop charts. At the time some people claimed sales figures had been massaged in order to prevent the single reaching the number one spot in time for the jubilee.”

Best of all would be if Rod Stewart could rerelease his “official” number one single from 1977 “I Don’t Wanna Talk About “/”The First Cut Is The Deepest” for a 25th anniversary outing, and we can find out which record has borne the test of time the best.

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