White Paper

The Government has recently published its new White Paper on immigration, asylum, nationality and citizenship questions: Secure Borders, Safe Haven. There is much to be criticised in it, unsurprisingly enough, but also some things to be welcomed, such as the closure of the detention facility at Campsfield House here in Oxfordshire before the end of the year, the phasing out of the degrading voucher system, and the fact that asylum seekers are no longer being locked up in prisons any more.

Watch these spaces for further comments, once I’ve read my way through the document and ruminated a little on its contents. In the meantime, the following links might be helpful: the White Paper itself can be downloaded here; you can follow the discussion in Parliament after the statements by Home Office ministers David Blunkett in the Commons here and Jeff Rooker in the Lords here; the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants has devoted a portion of its website to discussion of the White Paper, and The Guardian has a page of links to reports on asylum issues around the world here.

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