Tony Blair, according to today’s BBC, is about to take a stand:

Prime Minister Tony Blair is expected to say that the government will not back down in its drive to modernise public services. He is likely to join other ministers in representing this as a battle between “reformers and wreckers”, in his speech at Labour’s spring conference in Cardiff on Sunday.

These seniments aren’t too distant from Stalin’s own attittudes to public sector reform, captured in this slogan of 1930:

“The Five Year Plan Will Not Be Derailed! Break the Paw of the Wrecker and the Interventionist!”

Forward with Uncle Tony!

Nick wrote [5.2.2002]: From today’s Grauniad letters page: “With the apparent schism in the party, are we likely to see mods and wreckers meeting at a seaside resort every October for a punch-up?” (Nick Hearn, Brighton).

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