I recently finished Hardt and Negri’s Empire, and I’m beginning to organise my opinions about it on paper, so it’s a good time to post the links I’ve been accumulating slowly over the last few weeks. The best treatment still seems to me to be Malcolm Bull’s essay in the London Review of Books. It’s the more aggressively hostile reviews which reveal more about the present political climate, though, and these include Alan Wolfe’s often interesting essay in The New Republic, David Pryce-Jones’s barking piece in the National Review and Roger Kimball’s treatment in the The New Criterion. New Republic editor Peter Beinart’s weird argument that Empire has something to do with the September 11 atrocities is available here; Thomas Dumm interviews Michael Hardt here; and there’s a useful if not wholly up-to-date collection of documents relating to Negri’s conviction and incarceration here.

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